Friday, January 9, 2015

Does Organic Carrot Juice Cure Cancer?

If Organic Carrot Juice Does Not Cure Cancer, What Does?

There is a well known incident about a woman, in the United States, who had cancer.  She denied conventional treatment.  She grew organic carrots in her yard.  She went on an organic carrot juice diet.  Then, her cancer went away.  Then, she wrote a pamphlet "How To Cure Your Cancer With Organic Carrot Juice".  She was sued by the government and forced to cease & desist from distributing the pamphlet.  Because, there is no conventional medical proof that carrot juice, organic or not, cures cancer.  This incident was cited by Dr. Bernard Jensen in his works.  This incident was also cited by Rodale in one of his many publications.  Let us analyze this piece of medical history.

Let us put aside the quack-a-doodle skeptics.  I am not going to dig up court records.  Engage in massive research to find this woman's name & home address (in Utah?).  We can accept the authority of Dr. Jensen & Rodale:  This woman lived.  She had cancer.  She went on an organic carrot juice diet.  Her cancer went away.  And most certainly, we can accept, that if she wrote a pamphlet titled "How to Cure Your Cancer With Organic Carrot Juice", that some State of Federal agency shut her down.  But, medically speaking, what happened?

For one, I will quite rightly assume, the woman made no other adjustments to her life style, than not eating & drinking whatever she was eating or drinking before.

Is there an "active ingredient" in organic carrot juice that cures cancer?  I doubt that.  But, no tests were made. 

It is also quite possible, that the soil in which she grew her carrots contained elements, however minute trace elements, that cured her cancer.  I don't believe that either. 

It is also possible & plausible, that some probiotic in the soil, got into the carrots and; that probiotic cures cancer or kills cancer cells.  But, I doubt that too.

I believe the same is true of conventional carrots.  No active ingredient, soil, trace element or probiotic in carrots that cures cancer or kills cancer cells.

There have been no tests that I know of.

So, what happened? 

Well, you must be open minded and have a good grasp of logic and reasoning.

For sure, something happened.  What did happen for sure is that the woman removed all other items from her diet.  Since processed foods contain a substantial amount of chemicals, many of which have become known toxins, that in and of itself, is a tremendous improvement in health.  Since many additives from the past have become proven toxins; it is more than fair to assume the same about modern day additives in processed food.  This woman removed many toxins from her diet.

Carrots are the most hypoallegenic food there is.  No one is allergic to carrots.  This is why pediatricians recommend it as the first food to give a baby.  Carrots & green peas.  So, the woman with cancer chose to eat the most hypoallegenic food there is and; no other foods.  She removed all toxins from her diet.  She feels better.  Anyone would.  You would too.

The woman also removes all toxins from her unprocessed food diet by growing her own organic carrots.  Let's not be ridiculous and debate if pesticides are toxic or not.  They kill insects.  They kill the birds that eat the insects.  Pesticides are packaged with skull & crossbones warnings because they are toxic poison.  This woman removed this toxic poison from her diet and felt better.  This should require no explanation.

Then, her body healed.

Her body healed because it could heal.  Her body healed because it was allowed to heal.  Her body healed because the body is self repairing.  Also, her body healed because the constant ingesting of toxins--poison was stopped.  The body did not have to deal with the constant barrage of incoming toxins.  So, the body was left to heal itself.

Let us use a simple analogy.  When one gets a cut, we wash it off & put on a bandaid.  Why?  It will heal.  We wash it off to help prevent infections.  Even though the body can fight off infections, we help prevent infections.  Because infections can kill!  Even though the body can fight off infections, this is not always true.  We put on a bandaid to keep out dirt & prevent infections.  Going on an organic carrot juice diet is the same in regards to ingesting toxins.  Many of these toxins were/are known carcinogens. 

Can one expect a cut to heal, if one keeps breaking the skin?  A problem with children who undergo surgery.  They pick at the stitches.  I would say eating bad food, carcinogenic food obviously prevents healing from cancer.  But, obviously, it is not so obvious.  Eating bad food, carcinogenic food, while trying to heal from cancer is counter-productive.  Eating bad food, carcinogenic food, while trying to heal from cancer has to prevent healing from cancer and/or cause cancer.  If for no other reason, than the food itself.  is carcinogenic.  Drinking organic carrot juice, which is not carcinogenic, does the opposite.  Drinking organic carrot juice does not cause cancer or prevent the body from healing from cancer.
br />For generations, mothers have claimed that a bowl of chicken soup cures the common cold.  This was laughed at as an old wives tale.  The hot liquid and sweating induced was helpful to getting over a cold.  But, chicken soup cures the common cold?  Now, after centuries of ridicule, the CDC studies the healing properties of chicken soup.  It does cure the common cold.  Perhaps we will come to realize & understand that while a diet of organic carrot juice does not cure cancer; a diet of organic carrot juice does allow the body to heal itself from cancer.  The woman should not have been ordered to cease & desist from distributing her pamphlet.  The woman should have been ordered to retitle her pamphlet:  "A Diet of Organic Carrot Juice Allows The Body to Heal Itself From Cancer".


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