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Reversing Adult Onset of Type 2 Diabetes with Diet and Herbs

Reversing Adult Onset of Type 2 Diabetes with Diet and Herbs
• Contents of this article also apply to obesity.
A Good Doctor Shows A Patient How To Live So The Patient Does Not Get Sick
—Old Chinese Proverb
This article is based upon experience;  book study as well as watching the results of different treatment plans. The experience of watching several people with early onset of "Adult Onset of Type 2 Diabetes", who altered their diet in a certain way and; get off their medication -- with the approval of their medical doctor. These people reversed their diabetes with a specific diet that I will describe below.

For best results, you should read the whole article to fully understand how to implement this diet.  It is essential to have the right frame of mind, to properly implement this diet and stick with it. For most people, simply reading the bullet points of what to eat and what not to eat, will not do it for them. More education and facts are required for the necessary understanding that this approach can work, does work and; is scientific.

Following this approach requires fortitude, commitment and an open mindedness. Introspection and Contemplation — are mind altering activities. These are essential components of this diet.

Whether you realize it or not, you have been inculcated, trained from birth, with ideas on how to eat; what is healthy and; how to be healthy. "Finish your plate!" Correct? You were brought up with and taught this idea. It was drummed into your head. But is it correct?

These ideas that you have been taught; these habits on how to eat; may or may not be correct. The only way to assess the correctness is by an open minded logical analysis. If it is making you sick, it can't be that good an idea. Right?

The only way to stop an incorrect idea is with logic, reason and facts that prove the idea is a fallacy, a mistaken, illogical argument. This journey requires probity — a true intellectual open mindedness and doing a lot of thinking.

Heal Thyself

Work with your body.

Nurture and care for yourself.  Design your care to meet your specifications.

This approach is a self healing approach.  You do not fight with your body or the disease.  

It should be an act of nurturing and caring to feed your body properly for your health.

It should not be a struggle to not eat whatever.

It should be a joy to work with your body--to make your body work. It should be a joy to learn to eat from the garden of the earth, all the different herbs, spices and flavorings.  Not just the sugared, manufactured, processed foods you are used to eating. Foods permeated with "flavorings"—which are often just chemicals tricking your taste buds.

People are so used to eating processed foods with chemical flavoring additives, that they have no idea what the real food tastes like!

Try it!  Your first homework assignment.  Taste real blueberries.  Compare with a "blueberry" yogurt.  Squeeze a little lemon or lime into water. Look at the color. Does it look like the lemonaide or limeaide in "juice drinks" on the shelf. Taste the difference.

Succeeding at altering your lifestyle to a custom tailored healthy lifestyle, is an accomplishment!  Succeeding at this is winning in the race of life!  This should not be a struggle against your body and its urges. IMHO, there definitely is such a thing as a sugar addiction. Knowingly or unknowingly, society and the food industry feeds and preys on the sugar addiction.

'Do not wait until you have Adult Onset of Type 2 Diabetes to treat Type 2 Diabetes with diet'.

Now, isn't that a novel concept?

Treat the disease before you get it!

Not a vaccination. But, the actual treatment.

[Stop and think about that for a moment.]

There is a diabetic genetic make up.

Not too hard to conceive that a disease is in your genes. However, studies of twins have shown, that not everyone with the same genes gets diabetes. There is a diabetic personality. In fact, genetics has taught us, that it is often, not the genes you have, but, what you do with them that counts.

Why wait until you are sick to "Eat Right"?

Why not "Eat Right" from the start?

Then, when you have to "Eat Right"; you will already be "Eating Right". Get it?

You will live longer, healthier, and pain free; if you "Eat Right" now.

You already have the genetic foundation for the disease. The disease will bloom, if you nurture the disease. If you do not nurture the disease, the disease can not grow. Get it?

Do you want to nurture the genetic foundation into a full blown disease?

Think you do not have symptoms of diabetes now? Think again. People who get diabetes, usually have a smorgasbord of diseases and symptoms. Concomitant symptoms, symptoms that go along with the disease but, are not part of the disease. "Pre-diabetics" we will call them — people who are in a "high risk group" for contracting diabetes; will often get a variety of certain ailments. Boils, for example. Then, after years of getting these ailments, full blown diabetes sets in.

You already have the disease. Treat it now! Work with your body and genome to be healthy.

If you are a parent, know your genetics, your child's genetics, your family's genetics and; teach your children to "Eat Right" for their genetics.

Another new idea: "Eating Right Is Personal". Everyone has a different set of genes. "Eating Right" is not the same for everyone. Those with the diabetic genes have to "Eat Right" differently, from those who do not have the diabetic genes.

[Stop and think about that for a moment.]

Eating Right To Avoid Adult Onset of Type 2 Diabetes

"What is this diet that I speak of?"

If it is not already obvious, NO Cake, Cookies, or Candy. 

Cut out or down the sugar.  Especially, white sugar.  More detail on this to follow. 

Cut out the processed flour. 

Limit your coffee to a maximum of 1 cup of coffee a day. 

Eat vegetables.  Eat vegetables.  Eat vegetables. 

Limit your starch.  Your starches, grains, should be whole and complex. 

Cut down on the bread!

Eat more protein.  —  Fried chicken and meat basted in jam do not count as protein!  

Beware, sweet foods are like, but not the same as, sugar.  For example, fruits, dried fruits, dates are very sugary. 

Stop drinking soda, even diet soda. 

Eat fenugreek or drink fenugreek tea with every meal.

•  Simple?   Yes.

•  Simple is not easy.

Let's look at each of these individual nutritional actions in more detail.

Dealing With the Manipulation of Your Biology & The Honey Traps of the Food Industry

•  Why Do They Put Candy at the Checkout?
•  You Are the Target of Fattening Fast Food Establishments

Most people talk about self control when talking about diets. As if it is your fault, that you eat all this junk. Yes and … a lot of no!

Let's see what a doctor, an FDA doctor, has to say about overeating. Not only is he a doctor. But, he is also knowledgeable about the food industry.  You can get his book in the library. You could probably buy it on Amazon. It is definitely worth reading. It rings true. 

Your Food is Fooling You: How Your Brain is Highjacked by Fat, Sugar and Salt by Dr. David A. Kissler, formerly of the FDA

He says some interesting facts. For example:

the combination of any 2 of oil, salt or sugar, causes the pleasure part of the brain to react just as the brain reacts to cocaine!

•  This is a medical fact.

•  This shows up on MRI scans.

•  This is true of 60% of the population.

Now, that's interesting.

Have you ever read a label for processed food?

Try to find a processed food without salt and sugar?

Now you know why you can't stop eating. The food is designed to be eaten. You really can't eat just one.

When you eat this food it makes you hungry. Get it?

That's why you eat the whole box of cookies.

That's why you feel hungry when you pass certain places and things. Like cookies on an aisle in the supermarket. Or, a particular fast food establishment.

That's why you feel hungry when looking at the ads for cookies on sale.

•  The solution is to not buy cookies.

•  The solution is to not walk down the isle with cookies.

•  The solution is to not look at the cookie ads.

•  The solution is to disassociate yourself and your children from the Cookie Monster.

There are some more details to this. Like how the sugar, by different names, is loaded into food.

  • Molasses
  • Invert Sugar
  • Cane Sugar
  • Beet Sugar
  • Glucose
  • Dextrose
  • Sucrose
  • Fructose
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Beet Sugar

The list goes on.

Add up the several sugars in the prepared food and it is over loaded with sugar.

The same is true of oil.

  • Corn Oil
  • Soy Bean Oil
  • Canola Oil
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Butter
  • Buttermilk
  • Butter Fat
  • Cocoa Butter

In fact, the food industry often mixes in several oils for flavor. Secrets of recipe.

So, those spinach calzones that sound so healthy. Yeah, well. They sound real healthy because they have green vegetables in them. Right?

Vegetables?  Really?

Well, not very much vegetables. Just a little green for color. The calzonne does not have the requisite 60% vegetable content that your diet should contain [according to the FDA and leading nutritionists like Dr. Bernard Jensen, R.I.P.].


The flour has oil in it. The cheese has oil and butter fat. The flour soaks up the oil from cheese. The dough is basically an oil sponge.


There's salt added into the dough. There's salt in the cheese. In fact, cheese is so high in salt, that dietitians tell people with high blood pressure, not to eat cheese. How much more salt do you really need to eat?


The flour probably has sugar added to it. Read the ingredients on the pizza in the frozen section of a supermarket. And, the processed flour breaks down into sugar very quickly.

Any combination of 2 of the 3, salt, fat/oil and sugar will light your brain up like a crackhead. There's all 3 in the calzonne! There's sugar, salt and oil — in high concentration. Your brain is lighting up like a crackhead!

Yeah. You're addicted. You want to do it again. And, again. And, again. Until you are bloated. Stuffed.   —   A terrible expression to use for eating. The truth about your thoughts comes out in your words. Eat to live. Do not "stuff" yourself.

Get it? I think so.

The good doctor does not consider the food companies the axis of evil. Just trying to sell product. Not that the food companies went looking and researching just how to make food addictive. They just stumbled onto this fact. Then, incorporated this information into their recipes and focus groups. So, they could sell more product.

Not the most healthy approach for the consumer.

Now that you know this, read labels. Don't buy food with all these ingredients in them. Just say no to drug like food stuffs.

Caloric Density & Overeating

Caloric Density   —   That sounds scientific!

Forks Over Knives -- A movie about two doctors reversing heart disease by diet. Lest you think the doctors are quacks, one of the doctors, is the doctor who developed the now famous bypass surgery.

Check back soon for additional content.

In Memory of My Sister Dulcie Zirkind, R.I.P. who struggled with diabetes, an eating disorder and food addiction. Friday, May 29, 2015

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Note Taking & Optimism OR: How To Become an Optimist OR: Prevent Depression — Be An Optimist

Would you rather be an optimist? Or, a pessimist?
This article is based upon experience. What works and what does not. When certain treatments work and when certain treatements do not. What works for one, may not work for another. What works for many, should work for another. The treatments and programs described here, have worked for many.
As homeopathy treats mental and emotional symptoms, people often turn to homeopathy for help with mental and emotional symptoms. This is a difficult process. It is hard, even for a professional homeopath to discern, what is a matter of ideas & philosophies; versus; what is pathology. Although often, the links between physical & emotional pathology are clear.
This article does not address the use of homeopathy for treating emotional symptoms. (An article on the subject of treating emotional symptoms with homeopathy is planned.) This article addresses treating the ideas that can foster ill health. Ideas drummed into your brain repeatedly. Programming that you may or may not be aware of.
Were you constantly told you will fail? Can't succeed? Nothing you did was good? Every event was a disaster? You are unlucky? This list goes on. It's called defeatism. Psychologists – Dr. Martin Seligman, Learned Optimism: how to change your mind and your life – refer to this as learned hopelessness. I call it taught hopelessness.
Luckily, you can learn a new way. That is what this article is about. Learning how to be an optimist. Which, has many health benefits.
Thoughts cause actions. Stress is based upon thought. Really now, would you be stressed out, if you didn't think it was worth worrying about? As the mind controls the nervous system, that controls the body, bad thinking can badly effect the body & the body's functioning.
We have heart attacks over bad news. Right? … High blood pressure; Even cancer - as VA studies seem to indicate.
Some psychologists have noted that people who have suffered trauma, especially repeated trauma, especially repeated trauma at a young age (child abuse in other words); can not simply "Get Over It!". Such people have had this trauma burnt into their neural pathways. What is necessary "to get over it", is to replace thinking of those incidents, with thinking of pleasant occurrences. You must overlay one thought with another thought.
You must find the triggers that cause you to think of those negative thoughts, memories and; when those triggers occur, you must think new thoughts, that are pleasant, positive and, not disturbing.
Many people are depressed. In the U.S. depression, is pandemic. There are many possible causes of depression. Genetics. Repeated abuse, especially child abuse. Mineral & nutrient deficiencies. Adverse situations & life circumstances. Philosophies.
Pessimisim and depression go together. There are many possible causes of pessimism. Genetics. Upbringing. Taught habits & behaviors. Philosophies.
Dealing with genetics requires competent medical care. This is beyond the scope of this web site. If you are severely depressed, suicidal, seek competent, professional, medical help.
But, many people are just prisoners of their own minds. Trapped in bad thought habits. Bad thought habits either taught to them as part of their upbringing or learned as a reaction to their upbringing. Luckily, that which has been learned, can be unlearned.
This web site talks about proven exercises that help you form new habits that promote optimism. This is not about boosterism. This is about science. An ordinary person, with persistance, can usually expect to acquire a new habit within 3-6 months. (The Highly Sensitive Peron's Survival Guide, Ted Zeff, PhD) This applies to acquiring the habit of thinking and talking optimistically. (Learned Optimism, Martin Seligman, PhD)
acquiring the habit of optimism
Decades of research by Dr. Martin Seligman has shown a link between pessimism & depression; optimism & success; optimism & happiness. Dr. Seligman has identified that optimists explain adverse events one way. While, pessimists explain adverse events another way.
Optimists explain adverse events as:

  • Local — Only affecting this situation.
  • Temporary — This too shall pass.
  • External — Not my fault.
Pessimists explain adverse events as:

  • Global — Affecting all situations everywhere.
  • Permament — There can be no change.
  • Internal — All my fault.
Let's look at a simple example. A person misses a bus or train in his or her morning commute. How do we explain this event?

  • The trains are unreliable and never leave on time! I can't get anywhere on time! I can never do anything because I can't be on time! I can never get to a meeting on time! I can never get to a store before it closes! I can never make it to an interview on time! I can never be on time for work!
  • There is nothing anyone can do to get the trains to run on time. This is the way it is. There is no way of being on time with these trains.
  • I always miss their train. I never give myself enough time to get to the train on time. It is my fault for not going to bed earlier, to get up on time.

  • I am late for work, today. (Not every day.)
  • The trouble will clear up and the trains will run on time again. (Not always.)
  • The trains are late. (Not me.)
How a pessimist can become an optimist
Research has shown, that pessimists can become optimists when they start to explain adverse events, difficult situations, the way optimists do. Moreover, this trait can usually be acquired with 3-6 months of practice. Thereafter, you must keep up the habit of explaining adverse situations, the way optimists do.
The more optimistically a pessimist explains adverse situations, the way an optimist does, the more optimistic s/he will become.
The more habituated to talking and thinking like an optimist you are, the more you will be an optimist. The brighter the world will seem.
With time & work, a pessimist can become an optimist.
Optimism & Success!
Successful people are optimistic. Optimistic people are successful. And… We know how people can be optimistic.
This is not just a theory. This too has been proven by Dr. Seligman in his studies. The most optimistic team wins. The most optimistically talking team wins.
Optimism & $ale$
Dr. Seligman also studied sales, optimism and the use of talking optimistically. Sales is a tough job. Even for a good sales person, it is hard to be optimistic after so many rejections in a day. Even for someone with the profile of a good sales person, staying positive all day selling can be tough. But, talking optimistically can help one stay positive in the face of all that rejection.
Pick a Winner
Studying people is hard. Not everyone wants to talk about themselves. Dr. Seligman came up with a good idea. He studied sports. There are all sorts of statistics about atheletes. When they win. How often they win. They and their coaches are interviewed before and after competitions. Yes, the most optimistic atheletes win. The more optimistic, the more they win. The more optimistic the coach, the more winning the team.

Want to be on the winning team?
Be optimistic!

Want to pick a winner?
Pick the most optimistic speaking team!

Optimism & Preventing Suicide
Many people are depressed. Severely depressed people may commit suicide. Talking optimistically often turns around depression to optimism. Practicing optimistic talking, may help depressed people with suicidal thoughts, especially the mildly depressed. Although this may be a good adjunct to licensed medical care; if you are having suicidal thoughts, seek competent, licensed medical care.
Note taking
Physically writing notes, note taking, helps one remember. This has been studied. [1 2 3] Students who take notes, good notes, remember more material.
The advantage of using a Thank You Journal has been studied. A thank you journal is quite helpful in staying positive & upbeat. Logging your 'thank you's helps you think positively.
Explaining events optimistically, verbally, or in meditation, is good. Using a journal may be even more inspiring.
Try keeping a journal, explaining the adverse events in your life; as local & temporary. We have to be careful with explaining events externally. We must accept responsibility for our actions. But, not impose upon ourselves that which is not our responsibility.
Keep a journal. See how your attitude changes!

This article is currently under constant revision. Last revision date: April 9, 2015

DISCLAIMER: This web site and software is not meant to replace competent medical care.

This site is for educational & informational purposes. If you feel suicidal, unable to sleep, are unable to work or function on your job, seek competent, licensed, professional, medical care.

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Does Organic Carrot Juice Cure Cancer?

If Organic Carrot Juice Does Not Cure Cancer, What Does?

There is a well known incident about a woman, in the United States, who had cancer.  She denied conventional treatment.  She grew organic carrots in her yard.  She went on an organic carrot juice diet.  Then, her cancer went away.  Then, she wrote a pamphlet "How To Cure Your Cancer With Organic Carrot Juice".  She was sued by the government and forced to cease & desist from distributing the pamphlet.  Because, there is no conventional medical proof that carrot juice, organic or not, cures cancer.  This incident was cited by Dr. Bernard Jensen in his works.  This incident was also cited by Rodale in one of his many publications.  Let us analyze this piece of medical history.

Let us put aside the quack-a-doodle skeptics.  I am not going to dig up court records.  Engage in massive research to find this woman's name & home address (in Utah?).  We can accept the authority of Dr. Jensen & Rodale:  This woman lived.  She had cancer.  She went on an organic carrot juice diet.  Her cancer went away.  And most certainly, we can accept, that if she wrote a pamphlet titled "How to Cure Your Cancer With Organic Carrot Juice", that some State of Federal agency shut her down.  But, medically speaking, what happened?

For one, I will quite rightly assume, the woman made no other adjustments to her life style, than not eating & drinking whatever she was eating or drinking before.

Is there an "active ingredient" in organic carrot juice that cures cancer?  I doubt that.  But, no tests were made. 

It is also quite possible, that the soil in which she grew her carrots contained elements, however minute trace elements, that cured her cancer.  I don't believe that either. 

It is also possible & plausible, that some probiotic in the soil, got into the carrots and; that probiotic cures cancer or kills cancer cells.  But, I doubt that too.

I believe the same is true of conventional carrots.  No active ingredient, soil, trace element or probiotic in carrots that cures cancer or kills cancer cells.

There have been no tests that I know of.

So, what happened? 

Well, you must be open minded and have a good grasp of logic and reasoning.

For sure, something happened.  What did happen for sure is that the woman removed all other items from her diet.  Since processed foods contain a substantial amount of chemicals, many of which have become known toxins, that in and of itself, is a tremendous improvement in health.  Since many additives from the past have become proven toxins; it is more than fair to assume the same about modern day additives in processed food.  This woman removed many toxins from her diet.

Carrots are the most hypoallegenic food there is.  No one is allergic to carrots.  This is why pediatricians recommend it as the first food to give a baby.  Carrots & green peas.  So, the woman with cancer chose to eat the most hypoallegenic food there is and; no other foods.  She removed all toxins from her diet.  She feels better.  Anyone would.  You would too.

The woman also removes all toxins from her unprocessed food diet by growing her own organic carrots.  Let's not be ridiculous and debate if pesticides are toxic or not.  They kill insects.  They kill the birds that eat the insects.  Pesticides are packaged with skull & crossbones warnings because they are toxic poison.  This woman removed this toxic poison from her diet and felt better.  This should require no explanation.

Then, her body healed.

Her body healed because it could heal.  Her body healed because it was allowed to heal.  Her body healed because the body is self repairing.  Also, her body healed because the constant ingesting of toxins--poison was stopped.  The body did not have to deal with the constant barrage of incoming toxins.  So, the body was left to heal itself.

Let us use a simple analogy.  When one gets a cut, we wash it off & put on a bandaid.  Why?  It will heal.  We wash it off to help prevent infections.  Even though the body can fight off infections, we help prevent infections.  Because infections can kill!  Even though the body can fight off infections, this is not always true.  We put on a bandaid to keep out dirt & prevent infections.  Going on an organic carrot juice diet is the same in regards to ingesting toxins.  Many of these toxins were/are known carcinogens. 

Can one expect a cut to heal, if one keeps breaking the skin?  A problem with children who undergo surgery.  They pick at the stitches.  I would say eating bad food, carcinogenic food obviously prevents healing from cancer.  But, obviously, it is not so obvious.  Eating bad food, carcinogenic food, while trying to heal from cancer is counter-productive.  Eating bad food, carcinogenic food, while trying to heal from cancer has to prevent healing from cancer and/or cause cancer.  If for no other reason, than the food itself.  is carcinogenic.  Drinking organic carrot juice, which is not carcinogenic, does the opposite.  Drinking organic carrot juice does not cause cancer or prevent the body from healing from cancer.
br />For generations, mothers have claimed that a bowl of chicken soup cures the common cold.  This was laughed at as an old wives tale.  The hot liquid and sweating induced was helpful to getting over a cold.  But, chicken soup cures the common cold?  Now, after centuries of ridicule, the CDC studies the healing properties of chicken soup.  It does cure the common cold.  Perhaps we will come to realize & understand that while a diet of organic carrot juice does not cure cancer; a diet of organic carrot juice does allow the body to heal itself from cancer.  The woman should not have been ordered to cease & desist from distributing her pamphlet.  The woman should have been ordered to retitle her pamphlet:  "A Diet of Organic Carrot Juice Allows The Body to Heal Itself From Cancer".

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Hepatitis C & Homeopathy -- What Made the Hepatitis C Go Away?

This is an article about a woman with Hepatitis C who tried homeopathic treatment.  The day after taking the homeopathic remedy, her blood work showed that she no longer had Hepatitis C.  There was no other change in her diet.  She took no medication.  She had not undergone any other treatments.  People do not wish themselves well.  Was this coincidental remission?  Or, a reaction to homeopathic treatment?

"When one has eliminated the impossible, what remains must be true, however unlikely it seems. " -- Sherlock Holmes


Many years ago, I treated a woman for hepatitis C.  The results have been published and republished before.  Neither the fact nor the professional and scholarly dissertation of the events are news.  The Journal of the American Institute of Homeopathy, Homeopathy NewZ and Homeopathy in Practice published articles about the event.  (I prefer to discuss people and events--not "cases".)   A copy of the  July 2003 issue of Homeopathy in Practice is available .  Copies of the blood work from the woman's medical doctor, before and after homeopathic treatment, were submitted, along with the original article to the editor of the Journal of the American Institute of Homeopathy.  The doctor who did the blood work was treating this woman totally independently of me.  What has never been discussed are the full range of trite ancillary issues.  The circular logic of naysayers.  The so-called scientists clinging to their epicycles and clearly clinging to a belief system not a science based upon observation.  The application of advanced scientific methods such as Occom's Razor appear not to be part of conventional Western 'scientific' medicine.

This woman, Jane we'll call her, had a history of abusing alcohol and drugs.  She had seen many friends die, going the route of alcohol / drug abuse, damaged liver, hepatitis, AIDS, death.  She had also experienced my suggestions of taking homeopathic remedies for some annoying constitutional conditions.  The homeopathic remedy worked as I told it would.  She had a reaction to the remedy.  Then, got better.  She had also seen her daughter's very quick recovery from being bedridden and knocked from a week long "cold virus that was going around".  After a week of taking cough syrups and not getting better, her daughter took a homeopathic remedy, went to sleep within 20 minutes and woke up fine.  The logical conclusions to draw from these events is that homeopathy works.

So, when she was diagnosed with hepatitis C, she sought my advice.  I was not yet an experienced homeopath.  I was skeptical in my ability to help.  But, how could I refuse?  I took a history.  Did an analysis.  Suggested a remedy.  She took the homeopathic remedy.  The very next day after taking the remedy, she took a new blood test.  In one day, after taking a homeopathic remedy, her blood showed no signs of hepatitis C.  That blood test was done totally independently of me.  The logical conclusions to draw from these events is that homeopathy works.

Her doctor was in total shock.  Her doctor asked her rhetorically, "What did you do?  Did you get a liver transplant?"

The woman answered, "I prayed to God and went to a very good homeopath that I know."

An answer the doctor could not accept.  The doctor asked again, "No really, what did you do?"

The woman repeated her answer, "I prayed to God and went to a very good homeopath that I know."

Personally, I find the aged argument that homeopathy can't work because "there is nothing in it" as ridiculous and medieval as saying air does not exist because we can not see it.  I have seen the results so often, that it would be ridiculous for me to deny that homeopathy works.  When I tell skeptics that science is based upon observation and I have repeatedly observed homeopathy work; they respond with "You have come to the wrong conclusion."  Who is clinging to their epicycles now?

Spontaneous remission?  Really?  Another epicycle to cling to.  Placebo response?  Faith healing?  It has been over a decade and this woman is still hepatitis C free.  The same results keep on coming up in her blood work.  I doubt faith healing would last that long.  A placebo response certainly would not last that long.

As for the times that homeopathy does not work vs. when conventional medical treatment does not work; do you say conventional medicine is quackery when you go to a doctor and are not cured?  Many people do go to doctors, especially for chronic diseases and do not get relief.  The reasons given are the doctor is not a good doctor.  The patient is "not responding to treatment".  Or, another course of treatment is suggested.  Does the same not apply to homeopathy and homeopaths?  With an additional caveat, remedies can lose their potency.  Sometimes the right remedy is selected but, the quality or potency of the remedy is poor.  Let us not forget those (clients) who do not follow instructions (and skeptics who do not follow the rules then complain it does not work).

There is another common scenario of being scientific to consider.  Often, a homeopath makes a homeopathic recommendation to a person.  The person takes the remedy.  Then, the person tells the homeopath, 'It did not work.'  When the homeopath goes down the list of ailments the person had complained about, it suddenly dawns on the person, that the person is better.  Sometimes, the improvement is observable. I have been through this scenario before.

The individual did not suddenly "believe".  The individual thought about what happened, the events.  Reflected on their personal experience.  Then, came to a conclusion.  

Many individuals who "believe" in homeopathy have personal stories of being cured from some chronic disease.  Their so-called belief is based upon a life experience.  That's science.  For homeopaths who treat people and repeatedly see the same results, improvement in health by following a law of nature, that is science:  A conclusion based upon a repeated observable fact.

Maybe, it is time you tried an experiment with these off-the-shelf drugs, labeled safe by the FDA (HPUS)?  Really, if there is nothing in it, what are you worried about?  See for yourself if they do something or not.  Just remember to follow the rules of homeopathy while trying your experiment.  Which means, among other things, that you will probably have more dramatic results and an easier choice of a remedy, especially for a layman, with an acute disease than a chronic disease.  Remember, 'Like Cures Like'.  Good luck!   


This website is dedicated to homeopathy and alternative treatments, especially for diseases and conditions that have no known conventional medical cure.

This blog is meant for informational and educational purposes only.  This blog is not meant to replace competent medical care.

Anorexia & Homeopathy -- In the head or; In the stomach?

Anorexia is another one of those diseases claimed to be "in your head".  There is nothing physically wrong with the young lady.  (Anorexia commonly affects young women.)  She wants to be attractive.  Or, she is depressed.  Society is blamed. Men are bashed.  The fashion industry and their advertising are accused.  All sorts of psycho-analysis are performed.  Indeed, psychology was created, by medical doctors, in a search to explain diseases with no discernable physical cause. Discernable -- something specific, oftentimes minute, that can be seen, as separating and distinguishing this particular object of observation from other objects of observation.

However, our senses are limited.  Since the advent of psychology in the early 1900s, many advances in science and medicine has taught us the causes of "unexplainable" diseases.  I can not explain anorexia.  What causes it or why.  As a homeopath, I can only apply the natural law, "The Law of Similars", to a given set of symptoms, to relieve those symptoms.  This I did, for a young woman, in her early 20s, who had been diagnosed with anorexia since she was 16.  After taking a homeopathic remedy, she could not stop eating!  In fact, her biggest concern about homeopathic treatment was – the side effect that she could not stop eating and  would get fat! from eating so much, because she was so hungry!

Proviso.  Often, when people hear of such incidents, or read such articles, they are quick to ask, "What did you give her?!"  To which, the homeopath must answer, I gave what was indicated.  I matched her symptoms, to the symptoms in the homeopathic pharmacopia and selected a remedy for her symptom picture.

Often, upon reading such articles, people rush off to buy a homeopathic remedy. Take it, without properly matching symptoms—matching just one symptom is not matching the total symptom picture.  Nor, is matching a pathological name matching symptoms to symptoms.  Also, laymen rush off to take a homeopathic remedy without following proper dosing instructions, such as drinking coffee, a universal anti-dote.  Then, when these experimenters do not have a positive reaction, they dismiss homeopathy as useless at best--quackery at worst.

The classical example is with diabetics. Line up a dozen diabetics and you will find that each one has many symptoms different from the others in the group.  What works for one diabetic may not work for another.

While randomly taking a homeopathic remedy is quite safe—which is why the FDA permits OTC sales of homeopathic drugs; self medicating individuals taking homeopathic remedies for “complicated” or “involved” chronic diseases may have no reaction to a remedy.  Then, people experimenting with homeopathic remedies for “complicated” diseases dismiss homeopathy as quackery.

Homeopathy does not work as conventional medicine does.  Whatever homeopathic remedy I recommended  to this woman, is not a panacea  cure all for anorexia!  If you have anorexia and, want to try homeopathy, try working with a professional homeopath.

Jane Doe aet. 26, presented herself as having been diagnosed with anorexia.  She didn't eat much or often.  Her stomach pained her from eating many different things.  But, there was no discernable connection between any particular foods and allergies or intolerances.  I observed that she engaged in mild exercise.  Which, made her “feel” better and gave her energy.  She was slightly winded or tired when reaching the top of stairs.  And, had a flushed face.  The last three symptoms present the symptoms of a possible iron deficiency.

Upon taking a history, she told me her period was very irregular and infrequent with long and variable intervals.  Also, very slight, not much blood.

These symptoms, altogether, are found as prominent symptoms of the homeopathic remedies Ferrum & Ferrum Phosphorus.  Highly diluted Iron & Iron phosphate.

She took Ferrum-Phosphorus with good results.  She had a very faint period, followed  by two more regular periods, increasing with flow each month, until her menustration stabilized in length, interval, intensity & flow.  She became more energetic.  And, couldn't stop eating!

Dr. Herbert Roberts, M.D. in his book, The Principles & Art of Cure by Homeopathy discusses theories as to why homeopathy works.  He also discusses the use of the homeopathic rememdy ferrum (iron).  One of his postulations is that since homeopathy has a profound affect on the endocrine system, perhaps the substances used by homeopathy mimic hormones. This mimicry helps “stabilize” the system. "Homeostasis" as homoepaths call it.  Quite the visionary and prescient.  We now know, that many drugs work exactly this way.  Many drugs mimic in shape & structure some hormone or protein that causes the DNA to work in certain ways that alleviate disease.

I would add, that hormones are the transmitters of emotions. It is of little surprise, that a woman with her endocrine system dysfunctioning, should be moody, prone to crying, etc.  Putting her endocrine  system into a functioning balanced state would probably alleviate those emotional symptoms.

Dr. Roberts also noted, that homeopathic treatment by ferrum increased the red blood cell count.  In practice, I have seen this too.  Anemic patients, young women, who take Ferrum, as Scheussler salts, have an increase in their red blood cell counts.  Their anemia goes away.

Note: As per the FDA, this would be a harmless treatment to experiment with. Scheussler salts are considered safe, OTC substances, classed as vitamins.  According to the FDA, one can not overdose with Scheussler salts.  As a homeopath, I would qualify that and say, such use should not exceed 6-8 weeks.

In addition, I would add to Dr. Roberts postulations, that since the female body is a more dynamic system than the male body, the female body's stability is more delicate.  Maintaining a state of a stable body, with the necessary feedback is less complicated than maintaining a fluctuating system.  Women, with their cycle are more challenged to keep their body in balance throughout their cycle.

Speculations are interesting.  Health is a much more down to earth issue.  Anorexia is not always in a young woman's head.  Anoerxia may be quite physical and treatable by homeopathy.