Herbal Cures

"May your food be your medicine.  May your medicine be your food." -- Hippocrates,

Lots of herbs are touted as cures.  Many drugs are made from plants and herbs.  Or, based on plant substances. I am no herbalist.  But, I did know some very successful herbalists and nutritional therapists.  As I have met people with various conditions, I repeated the suggestions of these herbalists and nutritional therapists.  This page list those herbs or diet that appeared effective as assessed by medical doctors or simple observation.  Sometimes, the touted effects of herbs are confirmed by homeoapathic provings.  Other times, the touted effects of herbs, have been proven by conventional clinical research.  Here is another way and, IMHO a better way to health, than drugs.  

Eat Your Way to Health!

Prostate & Pumpkin Seed Oil -- Troubles with the prostate have a distinctive symptom in men of a "forked stream" when urinating. The homeopathic remedy Selenium (the highly diluted element) has this symptom.  I know people who have taken this homeopathic remedy with good results.  The forked stream disappeared.  A herbalist once told me, that the reason the prostate dysfunctions is, that the prostate gland needs a lot of zinc.  Pumpkin seed oil has is very nourishing to the prostate.  While I have no confirmation of this from conventional research or science, I have suggested to men with fork streams, to try pumpkin seed oil.  Upon drinking a 1-3 tablespoons per day, the forked stream disappeared.

High Blood Pressure & Celery -- For centuries, Chinese medicine used celery oil for high blood pressure.  Nutritional therapists like Bernard Jensen also stated celery was good for high blood pressure.  That the salt in celery is not the same as table salt and does not cause high blood pressure.  Rather, it reduces high blood pressure.  This interesting story supporting this fact appeared in the New York Times.  A New Look at an Ancient Remedy: Celery

Pao D'Arco -- Does it really cure cancer?  Don't ask me.  Ask the researchers at the University of California, San Diego.  A Cancer Patient’s Guide to Complementary and Alternative Medicine, by Heather L. Morein, University of California San Diego School of Medicine  This document is quite lengthy.  If you search for the term "Pao D'Arco", you will find research evidence in this paper that Pao D'Arco cures (some) cancer(s).  Unfortunately, the "active ingredient" is toxic. So a pill can not be made from Pao D'Arco.  But, if you eat the powdered bark, you won't die or be poisoned.  Probably, you will be cured. But, the level of curative substance is not guaranteed in a natural product.  Also, you could get a book by a doctor at U of C, San Diego and see what he says.  Robert M. Nakamura, M.D.

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