Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Anorexia & Homeopathy -- In the head or; In the stomach?

Anorexia is another one of those diseases claimed to be "in your head".  There is nothing physically wrong with the young lady.  (Anorexia commonly affects young women.)  She wants to be attractive.  Or, she is depressed.  Society is blamed. Men are bashed.  The fashion industry and their advertising are accused.  All sorts of psycho-analysis are performed.  Indeed, psychology was created, by medical doctors, in a search to explain diseases with no discernable physical cause. Discernable -- something specific, oftentimes minute, that can be seen, as separating and distinguishing this particular object of observation from other objects of observation.

However, our senses are limited.  Since the advent of psychology in the early 1900s, many advances in science and medicine has taught us the causes of "unexplainable" diseases.  I can not explain anorexia.  What causes it or why.  As a homeopath, I can only apply the natural law, "The Law of Similars", to a given set of symptoms, to relieve those symptoms.  This I did, for a young woman, in her early 20s, who had been diagnosed with anorexia since she was 16.  After taking a homeopathic remedy, she could not stop eating!  In fact, her biggest concern about homeopathic treatment was – the side effect that she could not stop eating and  would get fat! from eating so much, because she was so hungry!

Proviso.  Often, when people hear of such incidents, or read such articles, they are quick to ask, "What did you give her?!"  To which, the homeopath must answer, I gave what was indicated.  I matched her symptoms, to the symptoms in the homeopathic pharmacopia and selected a remedy for her symptom picture.

Often, upon reading such articles, people rush off to buy a homeopathic remedy. Take it, without properly matching symptoms—matching just one symptom is not matching the total symptom picture.  Nor, is matching a pathological name matching symptoms to symptoms.  Also, laymen rush off to take a homeopathic remedy without following proper dosing instructions, such as drinking coffee, a universal anti-dote.  Then, when these experimenters do not have a positive reaction, they dismiss homeopathy as useless at best--quackery at worst.

The classical example is with diabetics. Line up a dozen diabetics and you will find that each one has many symptoms different from the others in the group.  What works for one diabetic may not work for another.

While randomly taking a homeopathic remedy is quite safe—which is why the FDA permits OTC sales of homeopathic drugs; self medicating individuals taking homeopathic remedies for “complicated” or “involved” chronic diseases may have no reaction to a remedy.  Then, people experimenting with homeopathic remedies for “complicated” diseases dismiss homeopathy as quackery.

Homeopathy does not work as conventional medicine does.  Whatever homeopathic remedy I recommended  to this woman, is not a panacea  cure all for anorexia!  If you have anorexia and, want to try homeopathy, try working with a professional homeopath.

Jane Doe aet. 26, presented herself as having been diagnosed with anorexia.  She didn't eat much or often.  Her stomach pained her from eating many different things.  But, there was no discernable connection between any particular foods and allergies or intolerances.  I observed that she engaged in mild exercise.  Which, made her “feel” better and gave her energy.  She was slightly winded or tired when reaching the top of stairs.  And, had a flushed face.  The last three symptoms present the symptoms of a possible iron deficiency.

Upon taking a history, she told me her period was very irregular and infrequent with long and variable intervals.  Also, very slight, not much blood.

These symptoms, altogether, are found as prominent symptoms of the homeopathic remedies Ferrum & Ferrum Phosphorus.  Highly diluted Iron & Iron phosphate.

She took Ferrum-Phosphorus with good results.  She had a very faint period, followed  by two more regular periods, increasing with flow each month, until her menustration stabilized in length, interval, intensity & flow.  She became more energetic.  And, couldn't stop eating!

Dr. Herbert Roberts, M.D. in his book, The Principles & Art of Cure by Homeopathy discusses theories as to why homeopathy works.  He also discusses the use of the homeopathic rememdy ferrum (iron).  One of his postulations is that since homeopathy has a profound affect on the endocrine system, perhaps the substances used by homeopathy mimic hormones. This mimicry helps “stabilize” the system. "Homeostasis" as homoepaths call it.  Quite the visionary and prescient.  We now know, that many drugs work exactly this way.  Many drugs mimic in shape & structure some hormone or protein that causes the DNA to work in certain ways that alleviate disease.

I would add, that hormones are the transmitters of emotions. It is of little surprise, that a woman with her endocrine system dysfunctioning, should be moody, prone to crying, etc.  Putting her endocrine  system into a functioning balanced state would probably alleviate those emotional symptoms.

Dr. Roberts also noted, that homeopathic treatment by ferrum increased the red blood cell count.  In practice, I have seen this too.  Anemic patients, young women, who take Ferrum, as Scheussler salts, have an increase in their red blood cell counts.  Their anemia goes away.

Note: As per the FDA, this would be a harmless treatment to experiment with. Scheussler salts are considered safe, OTC substances, classed as vitamins.  According to the FDA, one can not overdose with Scheussler salts.  As a homeopath, I would qualify that and say, such use should not exceed 6-8 weeks.

In addition, I would add to Dr. Roberts postulations, that since the female body is a more dynamic system than the male body, the female body's stability is more delicate.  Maintaining a state of a stable body, with the necessary feedback is less complicated than maintaining a fluctuating system.  Women, with their cycle are more challenged to keep their body in balance throughout their cycle.

Speculations are interesting.  Health is a much more down to earth issue.  Anorexia is not always in a young woman's head.  Anoerxia may be quite physical and treatable by homeopathy.


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